The Elliott Museum

Welcome to the Elliott Museum – Where History, Art, and Innovation Collide! Explore the wonders of the past and the marvels of the future at the Elliott Museum, a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.

Located in Stuart, Florida, this museum is a haven for history buffs, art and car enthusiasts, and anyone curious about the fascinating journey of human achievement.

Discover Our Exhibits: Step into a world where vintage cars tell stories of the automotive evolution, and maritime exhibits narrate tales of seafaring adventures. Marvel at the intricacies of innovation in our science and technology displays, and let the artistry of local and international artists captivate your senses.

Journey Through Time: From the early days of transportation to the cutting-edge innovations of today, the Elliott Museum takes you on a journey through time. Immerse yourself in the rich history that shaped our world and gain insights into the minds of visionaries who changed the course of history.

Art for Every Taste: Admire the strokes of genius in our art galleries, featuring a diverse collection that spans different periods and styles. Whether you’re a fan of classical masterpieces or contemporary creations, the Elliott Museum has something to spark your imagination.

Gift Shop Goodies: Take a piece of the Elliott Museum home with you! Visit our gift shop for unique souvenirs, educational toys, and exclusive memorabilia that will remind you of your enriching visit.

Plan Your Visit: Visit our website for upcoming events, special exhibitions, and museum hours. Whether you’re a solo explorer, a family on an adventure, or a group of friends seeking a day of discovery, the Elliott Museum welcomes you with open arms.

825 NE Ocean Blvd
Hutchinson Island, FL 34996
(772) 225-1961
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